head so far zbursh

zbrush scupt of the character. clasps, belts and belt buckles for the shoes are in the low rez 3dsmax file. I’m currently working on a more masculine head.

colour comps. help me pick one out.

I need some help deciding on a costume concept to crate a character or two in 3D. I’m open to mixing and matching.

water structure revised. Created with 3dsmax, VRay, and Photoshop.

Venice them aquatic play structure. 3dsMax, Photoshop, and VRay

My hair dresser went scissor crazy. Now I can’t tuck my hair behind my ears with out it falling out. This is one solution.

Smog city

with a small shanty fishing huts in the foreground.

3dsMax, Zbrush, Vray, and Photoshop. All the textures, modeling and lighting is all done by myself.

Alien Library. An alien librarian sits at a desk on a platform in the catacomb style library. 

smog city